Get to know an MVP

What is the Sitecore MVP Program

Every year Sitecore recognizes and celebrates all those from the community who go the extra mile.

It stands for the Most Valuable Professionals. The value they bring to Sitecore, their daily jobs, and other users in the community. Setting themselves apart with their deep knowledge, the expertise they pass along, the helping hands they extend, and the efforts they make to bring the Sitecore community together.

This distinction holds weight across the entire ecosystem, from partners to customers, but also throughout the industry. Sitecore honors this select group with early access programs, the tools and products they need, and other exclusive offerings that helps keep them successful.

In 2020, there were 318 MVPs across 34 countries, all passionate about Sitecore products and the community, but all with very unique stories.

Hearing them out

There is no story alike. No journey the same.

The Get to know an MVP podcast lets you travel into the world of the Sitecore MVPs. In one-on-one interviews, you’ll get to hear what’s behind all the pull requests, blog posts, and user group presentations. You’ll hear about the many walks of life that makeup the Sitecore MVPs. The roads traveled. The doors that opened along the way.

You’ll hear about the lessons learned. The driving factors. The lure of the community. And ongoing initiatives and projects.

Image 1: Quotes from Get to Know an MVP podcast

The 2020 Sitecore MVPs did it their way and are paving the road for those who come next.

Mondays and Thursdays

Get to know an MVP is brought to by the community podcast channel, Core Sampler, and is hosted by Sitecore’s Community Programs Manager, Tamas Varga. Listen to episodes on the  Core Sampler website or tune in from your favorite podcast providers like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Google Play, Overcast or Spotify.

You can catch new episodes, from new MVPs, every Monday and Thursday. All episodes are only 5-10 minutes long.

Hear from the MVPs who have had an impact on you. Get to know how you can be a part of the next generation of Sitecore MVPs.

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