Thank You John West

Over the years, John West has developed a cult status amongst the Sitecore community. Last year during the MVP Summit, our MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) decided to recognize John for all his work by acknowledging him with an award speech and handing him the MVP award. This wasn’t an official award because Sitecore employees are excluded from the MVP awards. But now, with John’s retirement, we can finally recognize his efforts, and we’re happy to announce that John will be named the first Lifetime MVP at Sitecore. This award will formally recognize John’s passion for sharing his extensive knowledge. John’s a true Sitecore guru and hero amongst Sitecore’s technical community.

For those of you who don’t know, John has been a long-time inspiration to the Sitecore developer community, acting as an uncompromisingly honest voice and a champion of the Sitecore platform. John is the author of Professional Sitecore Development, the first book on Sitecore development Published by Wrox, as well as hundreds of blog posts on In literally thousands of comments on Sitecore’s community forum, he built up an enthusiastic fan base of developers who sought out his advice and relied on his candor.

John ended his final blogpost with the following: “…other than saying goodbye to hundreds of friends in the Sitecore community, I would simply like to move into a new phase of those relationships.” So let’s follow John’s lead and not say goodbye!

Please join me in and say Thank You John West (#TYJW) for everything you’ve done for all of us and share your best your best moments you had with John!

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  • All the very best John. I'll miss you my virtual mentor :(

  • Now where to start with my best moments with John… Where to start, where to start! Probably at the point where I first met the legend. I do call him legend, because I wasn’t sure he really existed. To be honest; Is it even possible to have so many answers on the SDN forums and write all these blog posts…? ;)

    So my best moment with John is the moment I first met him in person. This was at the first Symposium in Las Vegas, that's when I got the proof that John really exist. I even dug up this old photo of us going to the party!


    The best thing I ever got from John was a beer opener and of course a lot of great advice and knowledge.

    Working with John has always been a pleasure, he is always there for you and others. Always willing to help and always ready to support the community!

    John thanks for everything, you will be missed!  

  • John - Thank you so much for sharing your Sitecore learnings with us!

    My memory is awesome -- Old days of -- Whatever thread I read. Will find his reply for sure. And I am sure no one can beat him on that count. First time I met him at London DreamCore -- I was touched by his humbleness and one thing. What I noticed was when we were having breaks between sessions -- He was replying on forums! :-) -- That's more than enough to know him!

    Then last/last MVP Summit. I was not able to attend. So, he sent hand written note with my colleague Sheetal :

    Few of my blog posts mentioning him (My blog was inspired by his sharing only): - In this blog. I should add one more reason "John West"

    Lately, We had great conversation about some Indian sculpture - As he loves to read that and knows about it!

    All the best!

    Thank you so much John. We will miss you,
  • A true legend of the Sitecore Community, the Jon Skeet / Chuck Norris of the Sitecore world for sure.

    Like most, when I started out in the Sitecore world his was one of the few blog posts that steered me in the right direction and provided the inspiration for a lot of the crazy things I have had to implement. What always amazed me was accessible he was and quickly he replied to any comments/questions.

    I was fortunate to have met him at Symposium Barcelona 2014 and he must have been pretty bored of all the selfies during that event :) But we had some great discussions about both Sitecore and general stuff and it was great to have heard that he had even read some of my blog posts :)

    Obviously a little sad to hear the news, but good luck in whatever lies ahead. #TYJW

    And i'll just leave this memory for all of us:

  • My very first contact with Sitecore were several blog posts, of course written by the legend himself. I read a lot from you and am also owner of your book. Sometimes I even though YOU ARE Sitecore ;-) Thanks a lot John for all your sharing and inspirations in blogs, comments, Symposiums and so on. Thanks a lot and all the best for your future plans!
  • Thank you!! John..
    Wish you good luck in your future work!!..
  • Hi John,
    You will be missed. I enjoyed hanging out with you at the MVP summits and your passion for the product and community was a stand-out. Your posts have helped all of us at Nonlinear over the years. Best of luck in whatever lies ahead!! #TYJW
  • John West is the Sitecore blogger equivalent of the Simpsons. Any blog idea has most likely been touched on by John at some point, and for that the Sitecore community is extremely grateful: #JohnWestDidIt!

  • Best to you in the future John! It was a pleasure to meet you at the most recent Sitecore MVP Summit. Like Pieter said, you are a legend (at least in my mind), and it was great to put a humble heart and kind demeanor to the face. I can honestly say, you have paved the way for my career as a Sitecore developer and saved me countless amounts of hours due to your persistence to share your knowledge. A true example for all of us to follow and success will follow you wherever you end up.
  • Wow, I don't know where to start.

    I remember when we first met; even though you don't: At your dusty little office at Stanford University Hospital. You were consultant there and you considered Sitecore. I helped Bjarne at this time, and as far as I remember there was no one else in US. So, - it was a sales situation, - but also a situation where Bjarne asked me to evaluate you. He needed somebody who could represent Sitecore from a technical perspective.

    I wondered who you were, with those huge stacks of paper, seemingly very quiet. But then you started drilling me in terms of technology, and suddenly the silent smiley person really changed appearance and became scary, but also passionate. Needless to say, my report to Bjarne was that you really knew your stuff well, and if he could get you on board, you would be exactly the right person.

    So, you became one of the first employees of Sitecore US.

    You, - in pre-sales and tech support helped Sitecore grow immensely, and no doubt that Sitecore would not have been Sitecore as we know it today without a John West spearheading the technical ecosystem in US. Later you turned into guru, bookwriter, the open-super-annoying-honest-critic-that-we-need and an Icon for Sitecore. Hey, now you even got your own tag.

    I will not say I am loosing a good friend, because I sincerely don't hope so. But I do know you want to I do know you want to spend more time with your family and figure out what to do now, and I wish you all the luck in that journey. I hope that you will keep being John and be part of our community.

    Thank You John West.

  • The man, the legend, the former XSLT enthusiast. All the best, John!
  • Thank You John!!

    You were the best. I learnt a lot from your blogs and your feedback to our questions in the community.

  • John,

    It has been a pleasure to know you. The first time I met you I was a bit star struck and lost for words.. and the second time.. and the third time.. You have certainly been a core of my Sitecore universe over this last decade. There is nothing quite like tearing into a John West blog! I am sure whatever you do next you will excel at.

    Wishing you all the best!

    - Zac
  • John,

    Really enjoyed our times together and you were THE reason I got into Sitecore. Trained me and showed me that doing a Sitecore v5.3 project on Oracle was possible, well after you got it installed at least. J

    Wishing you well in your next move!

    I will gladly look you up when I’m in Portland for some Iterwoven support =P

    Cheers and congrats on taking the next step!