DC Sitecore User Group Meetup



Our first Meetup of 2018 is at a new venue -- Cove Dupont!

1. Sitecore and Coveo’s Road to the Cloud

Join Coveo Product Manager Simon Langevin to discuss the challenges you will encounter when undertaking a migration of a Sitecore solution to the cloud, such as getting used to a new technical universe, learning a new pricing model, and convincing clients of the cloud approach and how these can be successfully managed.

Simon will speak about Coveo’s evolution as a Sitecore Technology partner from primarily focused on on-prem solutions to one that is primarily cloud based (Coveo Cloud), and he will share lessons learned from that experience. Attendees will learn about Infrastructure, Platform and Solution as a service, Azure Search, Coveo Cloud and CES on-prem, Scalability, Dev Ops.

2. Let's Take Sitecore Experience Commerce for a Spin

Sitecore Experience Commerce or XC9 allows mid-market to enterprise customers to create personalized shopping experiences by integrating web content, commerce functionality, and contextual marketing capabilities that depend on the collection of real-time customer interaction data.

Naveed Ahmad, Sitecore Technology MVP, will showcase the salient features and business user tools of Sitecore Experience Commerce, provide expert tips for installations, and how to quickly setup a product page using Sitecore Commerce SXA components.