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No 404 layout found when accessing sitecore using localhost

No layout found when accessing /sitecore using localhost. I get a redirect to 404 with this url localhost:15279/404 .No layout found when accessing /sitecore but we also have 404.cshtml layout. 


It was working fine before restoring the DB. There was some issue that’s why we need to restore the DB (web,core,master,analytics). But now it is not working 


I get a redirect to 404 and the url changes to /404?item=%2f&user=extranet%5cAnonymous&site=safestyle but still it's not redirect to 404 layout. 

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  • It's hard to say, what could be an issue on exactly your case, but according to the docs you have Item Not Found property:

    If IIS uses ASP.NET to process a request, and no processor aborts the httpRequestBeginpipeline,and the requested URL does not correspond to a Sitecore media item, a content item within the context site,or a file on disk,then Sitecore activates the URL specified by the valueattribute of the /configuration/sitecore/settings/settingelement in web.configwith nameItemNotFoundUrl

    you can read more here:
  • Hello,

    Can you open the page using Experience editor? you can view the exact issue behind.
    Try to see the presentation->Details , check for the layout presence.
    Also you can debug to see where this issue is happening.