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TDS Hedgehog Error - KeyNotFoundException

The TDS projects in my Visual Studio 2017 solution are all of a sudden not syncing to Sitecore. I've confirmed that the Sitecore instance will still open and function properly in the browser. The Access Guid in the TDS Project properties and in the _DEV/web.config file match. When I run a "Test", it always fails at the "Verify Access guid is correct" step.

The error message in the TDS Output screen after running a test is as follows:

Can anyone help with this error?

This is running on Sitecore 8.2 and TDS Hedgehog version

I've already tried restarting VS, deleting the contents of the _DEV folder and reinstalling the Sitecore connector, and verified that the Hedgehog dlls in the "wwwroot/website_name/Website/bin" folder are the correct version of TDS.

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