Personalisation Query

We've been asked for personalisation that updates the home page banner with a custom banner based on particular page visits. This is quite easily achieved with the personalisation tools, in theory, however we have 10 pages to spread this across. A few examples:

Visit page 1 - page 1 banner appears on homepage

Then visit page 2 - page 2 banner appears on homepage

Then visit page 7 - page 7 ....etc


We've trialled a few ways to do this:

Goals - setting 10 different goals, the system doesn't allow us to determine which goal was achieved last (down to second not days)

Profiles - Point accumulation. This works the best, however if you accumulate say 50 points per page, if there's a stalemate, it doesn't always update the profile persona to the most recent card that accumulated points

Rules - hard to determine the last page the user went to, if they don't navigate to the home page directly.

So the question is, can we (out of the box) reset goals, reset profile points instantly, or some other solution to get the desired result? We're aware we could do some custom code to achieve what we need, however we want to achieve this with current default Sitecore 8 functionality, as this is the first stage of a larger personalisation rollout.