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Sitecore 9.3 roles combination for higher environment



Our current environment is sitecore 8.1 and we are planning to upgrade sitecore 9.3. Current environment is simply CM and CD(load balancing of multiple-cds).

Now with the 9.3 we are planning to utilize XP, EXM, Marketing and cortex roles. For the development purpose we will use the XP0-single developer topology but for the higher environment Pre-prod we plan to setup as it’s like production. So below dedicated servers list with roles and combinations we decide. Please let me know anything to we change in below aspects,


  • Roles combination with best practice, best performance.
  • Any roles combination is not valid.
  • SIF distributed installations will work for example XP server with listed roles and combinations. If we installed below ,

>Install-SitecoreConfiguration –Path "C:\SitecoreInstaller\Configurations\Platform


>Install-SitecoreConfiguration –Path "C:\SitecoreInstaller\Configurations\Platform


>Install-SitecoreConfiguration –Path "C:\SitecoreInstaller\Configurations\xConnect


>Install-SitecoreConfiguration –Path "C:\SitecoreInstaller\Configurations\xConnect



Dedicated servers

Roles and combinations

CM Server

Content Management

CD Servers (load balancing with multiple cds)

Content Delivery

Utility server

EXM Dispatch


Reference Data Service


Marketing Automation Reporting


Marketing Automation Operations


Marketing Automation Engine


Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Engine


Sitecore Cortex™ Blob Storage service


Sitecore Cortex™ Table Storage service


Sitecore Cortex™ Reporting service



XP server

xConnect Collection


xConnect Collection Search


xConnect Search Indexer


xDB Processing


xDB Reporting

Core: SQL Database servers

Session - Private , shared

XDB: SQL Database servers

XDB Collection
XDB Processing
XDB Reporting

Others : SQL Database servers

Sitecore cortex

Solr server

Solr service