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Dear all,
At a client, we are in the process of clean-up and update all old templates and components to new ones. This because at one point due to timings they copied old templates and components to a newer version of Sitecore. So they have pages in old and new templates and they even used old components on new templates. And we see that is interfering with personalization tests.

During the kick-off session where we were building the approach and ….. the risks, one of the questions which came-up is; if we can keep the "SC Item-ID's" from the old templates and components when we transport the content of the old template or/and component to the new template and/or component. Because we have on new templates and in new components links towards SC-Item's ID of old templates and components?

Does anyone know if we can keep them (old SC ID) so we don't have to touch all the new templates and components to check if they have links to SC-Item-ID's of old templates and components?

Thanks in advance.

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  • You can always change the template of a item with Configure-Change option available on content editor for all items, with which the item id will remain same and content will be retained, if you have same field names and types on your new template. Same can be done with power-shell for bulk update.

    Hope, it helps.