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Is Anyone Using Sitecore Rocks with v10.x?

Has anyone tried to use Sitecore Rocks with v10 of Sitecore, VS 2019 and Sitecore running in Docker Desktop? I installed from Marketplace and I'm getting the same error noted in another thread about LoggedInArgs requiring a parameter. The browse.aspx file that comes with Sitecore Rocks does not have a parameter for the LoggedInArgs constructor so it fails when called directly too; so it seems that the Marketplace version of Sitecore Rocks is not compatible with Sitecore 10. 



My connection settings are set to "Hard Rock Web Service", host=xp0cm.localhost, user=sitecore\admin, password=[...], location=[blank]


I "fixed" the browse.aspx by adding a new HttpContextWrapper as an arg, but Sitecore Rocks still cannot connect from VS 2019.


Any thoughts?