Training updates: Three new XP 8.2 classroom training courses and a new developer certification

A few updates from Sitecore Training. With the recent launch of Sitecore XP 8.2, we’re introducing three classroom courses that help marketers, developers, and business users understand how to benefit from all that Sitecore XP 8.X offers. And due to popular demand, we’re also introducing a new developer certification.  The Professional Developer Certification can be earned by ASP.NET MVC web developers who have completed the new Sitecore Experience Solutions Developer course and passed a Certification Competency Exam.

To make sure we provide the best training program to the public, did you know that we run pilot courses and fine-tune as the course evolves? Here’s what a pilot student had to say about our Sitecore XP Solution Developer class.

“This Sitecore 8.2 course … dives deep into actual coding examples of how to create quality components to create pages in Sitecore and to interact with items managed by Sitecore. As someone experienced in using Sitecore I am really glad that there is more deep diving into actual uses of Sitecore in code covering some common and practical development exercises associated with working with the product. I think those new to Sitecore will find the course quite challenging and enlightening in terms of how flexible the product is from a coding perspective.” – Carlos Rodriguez

With that, let’s jump into details on the new classes.

Sitecore Experience Solution Developer course:

This four-day hands‐on course teaches ASP.NET MVC web developers with advanced C# skills to build robust MVC solutions that integrate with the Content Management System and marketing capabilities of Sitecore 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2. This course covers MVC design patterns such as separations of concerns, unit testing, and dependency injection as well as how to build data-driven applications using the Sitecore Services Client. Developers learn how to build real-world MVC-based Sitecore solutions that turn digital strangers into delighted customers with context marketing.

By reserving a place in the Sitecore Experience Solution Developer course, you have the option to take the Sitecore Professional Developer Certification Exam. If you pass the exam, you become a Sitecore Certified Professional Developer with associated benefits. The exam is 70 questions and is taken proctored within a 120-minute time limit. Developers can register to take the exam either with an online proctored service from anywhere in the world or in a vendor-sponsored testing center. Click here for more information.

Sitecore Context Marketing Fundamentals course:

This two-day course is designed to help marketers, marketing analysts, marketing directors, and customer service representatives get started with context marketing. Learn about Sitecore’s experience marketing features and how to use them to deliver relevant content to customers. Gain the insight needed to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads through web, email, mobile, and social channels. You should have successfully completed the Sitecore XP Web Experience Management course prior to taking the Sitecore Experience Context Marketing Fundamentals course. Click here for more information.

Sitecore Web Experience Management course:

This one-day course is designed for content authors, marketers, business users, and designers who want to learn about content editing features, and how to preview and publish your web content. This course also teaches you how to use rules-based personalization and provides a foundation for the Sitecore Context Marketing Fundamentals course. Click here for more information.

Pricing and more

The Sitecore Experience Solution Developer course is priced at €3.200/$2,850 and includes one Certification Exam Voucher. The Sitecore Web Experience Management course is priced at €800/$950. The Experience Context Marketing Fundamentals course is priced at €1.600/$1,900.

View the course delivery schedule and enroll for a course at If a preferred date is not available, email to request an additional public or private offering.

Angela Masella is Senior Manager, Corporate Education Services, at Sitecore.