Using the Update Installation Wizard

The Update Installation Wizard page allows you to update a Sitecore CMS installation using an Update Package downloaded from the SDN. These packages are distributed from Sitecore as version updates so you can update versions without having to setup a brand new instance for a newer version. The Update Installation Wizard page is not to be confused with the Installation Wizard that is found in the Sitecore Desktop and is used to install packages created by developers in the Package Designer. Update packages from the SDN have an extension of .update and packages created in the Package Designer have an extension of .zip.

Update Packages are available on the SDN on the CMS+DMS Downloads/Updates page. You must login to your account to see what packages are available.

sdn packages install sitecore update installation wizard

The Update Installation Wizard page is located in the /sitecore/admin/ folder in your website root. You can browse to the Update Installation Wizard page using the following url: http://[your Sitecore website here]/sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx. You will be asked to login.

To install the Sitecore CMS Update Package, click Choose a package on the Update Installation Wizard page. You should always backup your web.config and databases before installing an update package.

sdn packages install sitecore update installation wizard

On the Choose a package to install page, click Browse to upload your update package and then click View package information. On the Review package information page, click Analyze and install the package. On the Analyze and install the package page, click Analyze and then click Analysis result.

sdn packages install sitecore update installation wizard

Verify that there were no problems found and then click Install the package. When the Installation is complete, click Installation result and verify that the package was successfully installed.

To learn more about the Update Installation Wizard, visit the Sitecore Developer Network (SDN) at and review the Update Installation Wizard Guide.

  • we are running our website on sitecore cms 5.3.2  . planning to upgrade it to new version. whenever i try to go  : mysite/.../UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx , i get error page.  is it enough to download the package and use the updateinstallation wizard to upgrade the version or we need to upgrade the databases with database upgarde tool ? your answer would be very helpful

  • What are the permissions required to allow the update to go through?  For example, I want to setup some users to be able to upload update packages into our CMS environment, but NOT be able to publish the content to PRO.  Short of marking a user as an admin, I cant get the Install Update Package wizard to work.  If I make a user an admin, he can also publish.  Is there a way to setup some user with the ability to use the wizard but NOT publish?