Introducing NuGet Server for Sitecore

This post introduces a new Sitecore module that allows you to run a NuGet server on your Sitecore server. It also dynamically generates NuGet packages that make it easier for Sitecore developers to add assembly references.

I created this module because I am often creating new Visual Studio projects for Sitecore development. I was getting tired of having to add references to my projects manually.

I thought about setting up my own NuGet server, but I didn't want to have another server to have to maintain. Also, having my own server means that I am the only person with my NuGet packages. I like to share my projects with the Sitecore Community, so if I start using packages that are only available to me, that sort of limits the usefulness of such a solution.

I decided that I wanted to have a NuGet server running in Sitecore and I wanted Sitecore itself to be able to generate the NuGet packages that it serves. That is what this module does.

You can find more information on the NuGet Server for Sitecore project site on GitHub.

  • Very interesting approach...  but how do you handle upgrades?  - Do clean install for Sitecore - Install your module - NuGet package for that version of Sitecore gets created - Create new Visual Studio project - Apply aforementioned NuGet package...  And then for upgrades, you do it again? Upgrade Sitecore, your module creates nu NuGet package, you update your VS project? I normally handle my configuration upgrades via Visual Studio, I guess that would need be done outside of the Visual Studio project then?