Introducing Sitecore Media Framework

For a couple of years now Sitecore has offered integrations to two of the premier online video service providers: Brightcove and Ooyala. The simple description of these connectors is that they allow streaming video to be inserted in Sitecore pages.

But that description doesn't really do them justice. The connectors make streaming video into fully native Sitecore object, meaning the full set of Sitecore CEP capabilities - from content management to analytics and reporting to personalization - are available. For example, you can:

  • Display different videos for different visitors based on their behavior
  • Recognize conversions as the result of video playback, including partial playback
  • View video playback activity as a part of the visitor's activity stream
  • Add and delete media directly from Sitecore
  • Edit media meta-data directly from Sitecore
  • And of course, insert videos into rich text fields

Now we are happy to announce new versions of both:

This post provides an overview of these new connectors.

While the new connectors do not offer new features, they were rebuilt from the ground up. The following points cover the main changes - and associated benefits - of these new connectors.

Designed for Sitecore 7

They were designed specifically for Sitecore 7. They take advantage of the new search capabilities, making it easier to locate the media you want to use.

Built on the new Sitecore Media Framework

Sitecore Media Framework was designed to make it easier to build, maintain and extend connections to streaming media services. This means:

  • easier to diagnose and fix bugs
  • easier to release updates to support new versions of Sitecore CEP
  • easier to support multiple connectors and to ensure feature parity
  • easier for developers to integrate additional streaming media services with Sitecore

Simplified Installation and Configuration

The new connectors were designed to be much easier to install and configure. I just timed myself. It took literally less than 5 minutes (4:40, to be precise) to install and configure the Brightcove and Ooyala connectors on a single Sitecore server and to be to the point where I could start inserting videos in pages.

Both of these connectors are available now. I encourage you to check them out on SDN.