LINQPad Driver for Sitecore

LINQPad Driver for Sitecore version is now available. I'm also making the source code available. Read on for details.

This release includes a single change. The logic to load assemblies was loading everything in the bin folder with a .dll extension, even if the file wasn't a .NET assembly. I added logic to prevent that from happening.

You can now find the latest release of the driver on GitHub.

I'm also making the source code available in case you're interested in seeing how it works.


  • Running Sitecore 8 Update 4 with LinqPad 4 and the latest driver. When I try to run a query I receive the following error message:  Could not find a part of the path 'C:\app_config\prefetch\common.config'  Any ideas what would be causing it to look at C:\ instead of my Sitecore web root?