NuGet Server for Sitecore 1.1 rev 150626 Available

NuGet Server for Sitecore 1.1 rev. 150626 is now available. There are no code changes. The only enhancement is that I added more packages to the config file. Read on for details on which packages were added and for information on how to download, install and use the module.

The following packages are now included in the NuGet Server for Sitecore:

  • Sitecore.Analytics - Use this package when you want to work with Sitecore's analytics and tracking features.
  • [new] Sitecore.Configuration - Use this package when you want to use the Sitecore configuration factory.
  • Sitecore.ContentSearch - adds the assemblies needed for Sitecore content search functionality, including the LINQ provider.
  • [new] Sitecore.ContentSearch.Analytics - adds the assemblies needed to access the Sitecore Experience Database analytics index.
  • Sitecore.Core - Sitecore kernel assembly. Most of the other packages have a dependency on this package.
  • Sitecore.Mvc - Use this package when you want to work with Sitecore's MVC functionality.
  • [new] Sitecore.Services.Core - When using the Sitecore Web API Entity Service your model must implement Sitecore.Services.Core.IEntityIdentity. If you're writing a client application using .NET you might want to re-use your model. However, since your model implements IEntityIdentity your client application must reference Sitecore.Services.Core.dll. This package will give you the reference you need, without having to reference all of the assemblies needed to work with the rest of the Web API.
  • [new] Sitecore.Services - Use this package when you are writing your own Sitecore Web API extensions.
  • Sitecore.Speak - Use this package when you are writing SPEAK components.

You can always download the latest package - and source code - from GitHub. Installation and usage instructions are available on the GitHub project site as well.