SEO & Social Media Monitoring With Sitecore & Jungle Torch

Understanding how the web views your site is critical to building and maintaining a successful site. Are customers able to find you? What are people saying about your organization? Jungle Torch is a tool that helps to answer these and many other questions. Today, Sitecore and Jungle Torch announced a partnership that brings Jungle Torch to Sitecore CMS. In this post I will describe the integration between the products.

Jungle Torch is a SAAS tool, and integration with Sitecore CMS is handled through the Jungle Torch connector. This connector provides the following features for Jungle Torch customers:

  • Easy access. Sitecore content authors can access their Jungle Torch account by clicking an icon on Sitecore.
  • Single sign-on. Jungle Torch account credentials are stored in the Sitecore server, so content authors do not need to provide a user name and password in order to access Jungle Torch.
  • Security. Content authors' access to Jungle Torch is controlled using standard Sitecore security tools.
  • Linking of Jungle Torch reports and Sitecore content. Links in the Jungle Torch reports that correspond to Sitecore-managed content are transformed into links that open the Page Editor.

The Jungle Torch connector is a Sitecore shared source module. Complete installation and configuration instructions are available on the project page. If you already are a Jungle Torch customer, you can be accessing your Jungle Torch account from Sitecore in about 10 minutes. If you aren't already a customer, you can contact them for more information about their product.