Sitecore 8 and Sitecore Instance Manager

Today Sitecore 8 was released. There is so much cool stuff packed in this release. The Sitecore community was rightfully excited to get their hands on it. But before you can use it you must install it.

I am a big fan of the Sitecore Instance Manager (also known as SIM). If you need to install, backup or recover Sitecore instances regularly, this is a terrific time-saving tool.

If you are using SIM and you've downloaded "ZIP archive of the Sitecore site root" from - AND you didn't read the note that was helpfully included on the download page - you may notice that SIM isn't picking up Sitecore 8, even after you click the "Sites & Products" button in SIM.

As the helpful note explains, you must rename the zip file to Sitecore 8.0 rev. After you do that you may need to click the "Sites & Products" button in SIM before Sitecore 8 shows up.