Sitecore Integration Documentation

I've always been impressed by how vibrant the Sitecore developer community is. Seriously useful information is shared on a daily basis. Subscribing to the Sitecore blogs feed, monitoring Twitter and reading Stackoverflow are all good ways to keep up on community activity.

There's another resource that I recommend you check out: the Sitecore Community Docs site. This site is a combination of link aggregation and original content.

I just added a bunch of content that are of interest to people integrating Sitecore with other systems, or people extending Sitecore. Read on for information on what specifically I've added.

Where did this content come from?

A part of my role at Sitecore is to help tech partners build connectors. I consider this content to be an important part of the toolkit a developer needs to understand in order to build a proper connector.

For sure, much of this information is available elsewhere. I have written, collected, edited and refined this information over the years as a result of working with Sitecore technology partners. 

Originally I planned to write an "integration bible" for Sitecore. This information comes from the first draft of that document. Collecting a large amount of content and publishing it all at once isn't a model that works very well in the Sitecore world. Things change too quickly.


  1. Asynchronous Tasks - how scheduled jobs work and are configured, and how to create your custom jobs that run asynchronously
  2. Authorizations - how permissions/authorizations work and how to create custom authorizations
  3. Caching - how caching works and how to create and use custom caches
  4. Dependency Injection - Sitecore has built-in dependency injection. This topic explains how to use it.
  5. Events - how events work and how to create custom events
  6. Logging - how logging works and how to create custom logs
  7. Patch Files - Sitecore configuration is broken up into separate, specialized config files. Patching allows Sitecore to combine these files. This topic explains how config file patching works and how to use it properly.
  8. Pipelines - how pipelines work and how to create custom pipelines
  9. Providers - how providers work and how to create custom providers
  10. Rules Engine - explains the components that make up the Sitecore rules engine
  11. Settings - how settings work and how to use them
I hope this information is helpful. And I hope this contribution inspires you to share your own knowledge on the Sitecore Community Doc site.

  • Hi Adam,  Will you happen to have a most up to date consolidate document on the common topics and lessons learned on Sitecore Integration? Will be great if you can share.  Thanks. Adrian