Sitecore Product Documentation on GitHub

Sitecore recently released two new products that aim to simplify the act of integrating third-party with Sitecore. Data Exchange Framework allows you to synchronize data between Sitecore and external systems. Dynamics CRM Connect allows you to synchronize data between Sitecore and Dynamics CRM.

We used these products as a prototype for a new approach to writing and delivering developer documentation. Taking a cue from Microsoft's documentation for ASP.NET Core, we used Sphinx and reStructuredText. This offers us a significantly simplified writing experience, in addition to enabling us to generate documentation is a familiar format. You can find the documentation here.

Another benefit is that the documentation is written in simple text files that anyone can edit. And now you can. We've released the documentation for these products on Sitecore's GitHub home. The repository for Data Exchange Framework is available here, and the repository for Dynamics CRM Connect is available here.

So, if you find a bug in the documentation, or have some content to contribute, now you can do it!

We are continuing to explore better ways to get documentation to Sitecore developers. Your feedback is the main way we know what is and is not working. Please share your thoughts with us. We are listening!