Sitecore Project Wizard for Visual Studio

A new Sitecore extension is available for Visual Studio: the Sitecore Project Wizard.

To be honest, it's not a new extension. It's an updated version of the extension I introduced in my January post, Easier Visual Studio Project Creation for Sitecore. But I made some changes that prevent me from simply updating the old extension. As a result, I removed the old extension and will now direct people to the new one.

Just like with the old extension, the purpose of this extension is to make it easier for Sitecore developers to create projects in Visual Studio. But hopefully the changes will make for a more flexible and reliable foundation for future enhancement.

You can get the extension from the Visual Studio Gallery or directly from Visual Studio using Tools > Extensions and Updates... (search for Sitecore).

Read on for information on what's new.

No More Dynamic Code Generation

When I originally created the extension I wanted to avoid referencing any Sitecore Rocks assemblies. I didn't have a good reason for wanting to avoid this. And this goal led me down the path of using the CodeDOM API I really should have reconsidered why I was doing this.

And since I was getting reports that suggested that my code didn't work as well as my tests indicated, I decided to remove the dynamic code generation logic and just reference Sitecore.Rocks.dll. This allowed me to simply the code base a bit.

Configurable Assembly References

The original extension included a project template with a number of Sitecore assemblies pre-referenced. These were the assemblies that I most often reference. If it's good enough for me, I figured, it's good enough for you.

And I still believe that, but I found that I needed more flexibility than the hard-coded references were allowing. So I introduced an options page that allows you to specify the assemblies you want to be referenced.

You access the options from Tools > Options > Sitecore Projects > References.

assembly references

Please note: you must manually select the assemblies. I did not include any default assemblies.

More Accurate Sitecore Project Name

The extension still only includes a single project template, but the project template is now named "ASP.NET Web Application", which is a more accurate reflection of the project template.