Tracking Across Channels Using QR Codes

Today Sitecore announced its acquisition of Pectora, a company that has developed a really stunning integration with Adobe InDesign.  One of the quotes from the press release is "a consumer can read a printed piece of collateral or signage, scan it with a smartphone camera and be automatically brought to a relevant Web page for a mobile experience, while tracking the campaign performance for the marketer." In this post I will explain how you can use QR codes to do this.

QR codes provide a convenient way for people to pursue additional information regarding just about anything. No doubt you've seen QR codes printed on product labels, on billboards and in magazines. Generating a QR code that points to a Sitecore item - and includes a reference to a campaign so you can track the effectiveness of the campaign - is as simple as adding a rendering using the Page Editor.

 QR code module in action

In order to do this, first you need to install the QR Code module. This module adds a rendering that generates a QR code. The rendering is available at Renderings > Modules > QR Code Module > QR Code Control.

QR code rendering

After you add the rendering to a placeholder you need to edit the rendering properties. This will allow you to specify which item the QR code points to, along with some other properties such as the campaign you want to use for tracking, and the size and color of the QR code.

QR code rendering properties

It's that easy. Even with really slow network connection you should be able to add QR codes to your site within 15 minutes.