Dedicated Publishing Instance Configuration

Sitecore 7.2, and Parallel Publishing feature specifically, now provides a very compelling reason to dedicate one Sitecore instance on a dedicated box as the Publishing Instance. That’s why 7.2 ships with a special auto-include file, that is disabled by default.


This include file disables features that are not expected to be run on a dedicated publishing instance. In other words, when enabled, it turns any Sitecore 7.2 instance into the one that is optimized for publishing:

  • Removing search configurations (both Sitecore.Search and Sitecore.ContentSearch).
  • Disabling indexing via Indexing.UpdateInterval.
  • Increasing tread priority of publishing.
  • Disabling memory monitor.
  • Disabling scheduled tasks.
    This is OK to do this even if you have the scheduled publisher enabled, as it can still be running on the CM server in such configuration, because the actual execution job will be 'forwarded' to the publishing server.

Please consult your Sitecore partner before enabling this include file. Enabling this file without taking into account the specifics of your solution can have unexpected consequences.

It is important to note that all include config files are applied in alphabetical order. Therefore this include file cannot remove indexes that are defined by include files that are applied later. In that situation, you must rename this include file so that it is applied after any other include files that contain index definitions.

Since this file is meant to be used as an example for environments with dedicated publishing instances, it is also worth noting that all other CM server(s) where the publishing is triggered are expected to have the value of the Publishing.PublishingInstance set to the InstanceName of the dedicated publishing instance.
Please consult the official Scaling Guide to configure such an environment properly.

Finally, it is recommended to enable this file along with these two configs, which are supplemental to the dedicated publishing instance configuration:

  • Sitecore.Publishing.Optimizations.config.example
  • Sitecore.Publishing.EventProvider.Async.config.disabled

Please review this blog post containing tips on running such configuration, and the walk-through of how to enable parallel publishing 7.2 here.

Good day now.

Sitecore 7.2 Dev Team