The Launch of Launch Sitecore

Recently, I have been working on a sample site for Sitecore.  Often clients or partners will want to build something as part of an example or use case.  Instead of always starting new, we decided to build a site using recommended development practices and share the whole thing.  That is right; you can download the content and the code to see how the site was built.

Launch Sitecore

The site includes relevant content to those interested in the Sitecore, but the code itself is just as important.  It includes dynamic navigation, content reuse, a mobile site, content profiling, and more.  Everything you typically tackle in an implementation is represented.

We have been using this site as a basis for examples for the past few months, and it has worked well to help people see how quickly you can build something with Sitecore.  We now even have a public version of the site for you to preview at

Most of the examples you see on my blog come from this site.  Mike Casey is also blogging about our DMS strategy for the public site, so I recommend his blog as well.