• 6 Jan 2019

    Sitecore on cloud - Complete Monitoring story

    Sitecore topologies(9.0.2) officially provided at contains the below Azure resources Azure web app Azure SQL Database Azure Search Azure Redis cache Azure Application Insights Looking at an overall Sitecore topology the below would be an architectural representation of the monitoring story. App Insights collects the telemetry from all the web apps and measures web...
    • 2 Nov 2018

    Saving costs for Sitecore environments on Azure PAAS using Automation

    Azure Web apps and Azure SQL databases are primary components in Sitecore environments deployed on Azure PAAS. For example a XP Topology , Sitecore 9.0.2 ARM Templates deploys around 9 web apps in 6 different App Service Plans(Except XP-Single) 12 SQL databases in various service tiers As for Azure consumption, an Azure month is typically counted for 732 hours. Azure web apps in Shared/Basic/Standard/Premium...
    • 25 Oct 2018

    Site-Site VPN Integration with Azure web apps(PAAS)

    Introduction Sitecore Customers deploying workloads in Azure PAAS looking can integrate their premise/corporate network with sitecore PAAS content authoring webapp using Azure Virtual Network gateway (VPN Gateway) and VNet Integration (azure web app) feature by setting up setup Site-Site VPN in Azure. This article will demonstrate the process to set up site-to-site VPN using Azure App Services(non-ASE web apps) and...