• 30 Sep 2013

    Recipient List Management

    This blogpost describes my new little tool that allows to simplify list management in Sitecore ECM.RecipientListManagement is a ECM add-on that currently allows two things: Manage recipient lists: add new lists, import users, delete users...
    • 23 Sep 2013

    ECM Automation States magic

    This post describes, how Automation States are changed in Analytics database, when you are sending emails through the ECM.When I started working on Sitecore ECM 2.0 customization, I have been having hard time figuring out the dataflow. The reason wh...
    • 9 Sep 2013

    ECM on CD

    This article describes how one should configure Email Campaign Manager when working in scaled environment. I have received so many requests in the last time to help in configuring ECM in scaled environment, so I decided to write a blogpost with main ...