Documentation for Sitecore 8 Developers

This blog post contains links to documentation for developers working with version 8 of the Sitecore ASP.NET web Content Management System (CMS) and Experience Platform (XP).


All new documentation for Sitecore will appear within one of these two sites:

Forums and related content appear at See also the Sitecore Community Documentation project (

Although I wrote it for Sitecore CMS 6.5 (before MVC, ContentSearch, SPEAK, and XP), much of the foundation in remains valid for Sitecore 8.

To access an RSS feed that consolidates numerous resources contributed by the Sitecore community, see

The remainder of this blog post describes resources on the old Sitecore Developer Network ( that are still relevant for developers working with Sitecore 8.



For the fundamental data concepts (not including XP), see:


To understand the Sitecore rendering engine and details about its Web Forms implementation, see:


To understand the MVC implementation of the Sitecore rendering engine, in addition to the resources in the Presentation section above, see:


If you really want to consider XSL for presentation, see:


For security considerations including authentication, authorization, role, and profile management, see:



For more advanced development concepts, see:

Performance and Troubleshooting

For performance and troubleshooting, see:


If you know of other good documentation for Sitecore 8 developers, please comment on this blog post.

  • Hello SiteCore Community/John West, What is the recommended learning path for an ASP .Net developer who is brand new to the Sitecore CMS Platform? I've read that there is a Foundations e-learning module, but I have not been successful finding it on the Sitecore website. Our company is utilizing this product for our public facing website and I have been asked, by our marketing and brand manager to assist with simple content management tasks in the beginning.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated  Jeff

  • I would scan the book and/or the PDFs linked in this post.    I would watch with the MVC videos:    I would highly recommend as much training as you can budget:    I am not sure if training requires a license.    Once you have a license, I would register and get the latest demo solution.    I would highly recommend that you leverage extension frameworks such as,, and    You may want to consider:

  • Thanks for the quick response John. I now have plenty to dive into for getting ready to learn sitecore. One last question, will you or do you have plans to make revision of your Wrox book?

  • @Jeffrey: Sitecore is not considering an update to the Wrox book. The documentation team needs to focus on the web. From experience, I would say that a book is a time-consuming project that is impossible to time with a (future) product release. I feel that much of the existing content should be valid without a fundamental overhaul. Most of the content in the book (and excluding anything about at least DMS) plus MVC, ContentSearch, SPEAK, and XP (plus Sitecore 7.2 introduced publishing enhancements) should provide comprehensive knowledge about Sitecore. I have heard of other Sitecore book projects in the works, but not within Sitecore, and I do not know their status.

  • Hello John,  I'm having trouble locating the search documentation for Sitecore 7.2.  I came across the link,  but I'm being redirected to the site and none of the documents are being served in search.  Could you please let me know where I can locate this documentation?  Thanks.  --Jose Almeda

  • Sorry John please disregard.  I found it after I reset my password to  --Jose.

  • Could you update the links to point to the new forums please.

  • @Kelso - Hi there. The documentation available on the old SDN forum is in a different format compared to the new,, and sites so I don't think we can update the links as a straight swap. Instead, I believe John is attempting to highlight some important resources from the old SDN forums that are still relevant in newer version of Sitecore. However I will update any out of date links if found. Thanks!

  • Just a plain-old API refrence seems to be too much asked. Cookbooks, whitepapers and community generated content all over the place, but a simple plain API Reference for 8.0 ? :-(

  • I am using Sitecore 8.0 and have been facing an issue.  Presentation details is automatically setting at standard values without reset even after removing from items. This is being happened only custom template not for Sample template.

  • Ronald, I couldn't agree more. Developers need IntelliSense and API docs. Sometimes a whitepaper is useful when you need background information, but API docs are essential!

  • Thanks john, for sharing Sitecore 8 Developer document with complete guides and steps For check performance and troubleshooting guide.