Repost: Prevent Sitecore Reviewers from Approving their Own Changes

This blog post explains describes a workflow action that you can use to prevent users from approving their own changes using the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS.

This is a repost of!960125F1D4A59952!413.entry.

Some users serve as both editors and reviewers within a single workflow, but should not be able to approve their own changes. I don't know of any "out-of-the-box" Sitecore feature that meets this requirement, but it’s relatively easy to add a workflow action that provides this functionality.

I added the Sitecore.Sharedsource.Workflow.Actions.ValidateApprover class to the Sitecore Shared Source Library project and updated the corresponding documentation.

In the Content Editor, under the Review state of the workflow, under the Approve command, insert an item named ValidateApprover using the System/Workflow/Action data template. In the Data section, in the Type string field, enter the type signature:

Sitecore.Sharedsource.Workflow.Actions.ValidateApprover, Assembly