Repost: Visual Studio Hangs Debugging a Sitecore Solution

This blog post describes how to address an issue that can cause Microsoft Visual Studio to hang when debugging a solution involving the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS.

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When working with a Sitecore solution in Visual Studio, if you select Show All Files at the top of Solution Explorer, and then attach the debugger to the ASP.NET worker process, Visual Studio may stop responding.

To correct this issue:

  1. Restart Visual Studio.
  2. In Solution Explorer, click Show All Files.
  3. Attach the debugger again.


  • The problem in this scenario is that Visual Studio tries to open ALL folders in your Sitecore webroot. And let med say that there are alot of folders!! This means that the IDE hangs with about 99% CPU usage.   The solution is as you write, always to check wheather "show all files" is on, before debugging, and if it is, disable it :-)

  • Enable Web One Click Publish  --> Click Publish and the then Attach the debugger Happy Debugging .