Sitecore Shared Source: NewsMover Organizes News Articles

You can use the NewsMover Sitecore Shared Source project with the Sitecore ASP.NET CMS to automatically organize news items into a hierarchy based on release dates. You can adapt this approach to organize any types of items based on any data.

Many CMS solutions allow users to publish any number of news items in a given day. If users created all news under a single parent item, such as /news, performance and usability would suffer as the number of news items increased. If users moved news items as they aged, URLs would change, breaking external links including browser bookmarks and search indexes.

The Sitecore Shared Source NewsMover automatically creates paths and moves news items based on the value of a date field. For example, if a CMS user created a news item under /news on 24 June of 2010, NewsMover would create the path /news/2010/June/24, and move the item to that location.

See Intercepting Item Updates with Sitecore on my old sitecorejohn blog for descriptions of other strategies for intercepting item updates.

Update 24.June.2010NewsMover video demonstration (2MB .mov file).