Sitecore Standard Template Fields

This blog post describes the purpose of various fields defined by the Standard Template in the Sitecore ASP.NET web Content Management System (CMS) and Experience Platform (XP), sometimes referred to as Standard fields. For more information about templates, the standard template, and other topics mentioned on this post, see the Resources section at the end of this page.

In Sitecore, data templates define data types. Data templates can contain any number of sections, where each section visually groups some number of fields. The Sitecore standard template defines a base template for most other data templates. The /sitecore/templates/System/Templates/Standard template item defines the standard template.

Do not confuse Standard Template Fields with Standard Values. Standard Template Fields are those fields common to most data templates. Standard values provide default values for fields in items based on any data template. There are no standard values for the fields defined by the standard template.

The standard template defines no fields. Instead, it inherits from a number of base templates defined under the /sitecore/templates/System/Templates/Sections item. Each of these base templates defines a single section of the standard template.

By convention, the names of fields in the standard template begin with two underscore characters (__).In code, you can access these fields by name, or using a property that exposes the ID of the field (mostly in the Sitecore.FieldIDs class). Really you should use properties of other classes that abstract these fields, but I did not spend the time to locate those properties (use your disassembler to find them), nor did I mention the types of these fields.

I intend for the posts linked below to describe the sections and fields that appear in the standard template in Sitecore 8 rev.150427 (8.0 Update-3). I intend to publish one post per section in order to avoid publishing a post that is ridiculously long, and because I am not sure that I will find time to complete this work but want to distribute whatever information I can.

I should mention that this is not official Sitecore documentation, but reflects my understanding. If you have any additional information about the fields in the standard template, please comment on this blog post.

Sections of the Standard Template