A first look at Sitecore Cortex

Sitecore Cortex by Jason St-Cyr

Organizations are creating, collecting, and connecting immense amounts of data from different systems that can help reveal key insights about their customers and business.

With machine learning, companies can automate mundane tasks and computationally process big data to surface important insights that ultimately lead to better business outcomes.

Sitecore Cortex machine learning delivers efficiency and surfaces intelligent insights to help marketing teams make better, more informed decisions. By processing and analyzing large volumes of data, Sitecore Cortex generates suggested recommendations and predictive outcomes.  As customers interact with marketing channels, data from their digital fingerprints are captured in Sitecore's Experience Database. Sitecore Cortex machine learning surfaces patterns, complex relationships, recommendations, and outcomes based on predictive scoring and other factors.

Sitecore Cortex – Video series

Our ongoing video series, published to the Master Sitecore YouTube channel, will help you get an initial understanding of the capabilities of Sitecore Cortex for both marketers and technologists.

Working Together

In this introduction to our Sitecore Cortex series, Jason St-Cyr (@StCyrThoughts) reviews the power that Sitecore Cortex brings to your solutions and how Data Scientists and Marketers will work together.