Announcing the winner of Sitecore's How you match challenge!

Another strong showing by a great community! Many thanks to all those who participated in Sitecore’s How you match challenge and helped spread the #LearnSitecore message.

Your submissions are in and we have ourselves a winner!


Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) is our fastest growing product and has birthed a new line of developers with unique skillsets that are bursting on the scene. Today, headhunters, worldwide, are aggressively recruiting to fill the surge in demand of Sitecore commerce developers.

How you match challenge provided you with the list of criteria that top recruiters use when searching for this new breed of Sitecore developers. By adding Experience Commerce™ training courses and certification to your résumé, you demonstrate that Sitecore recognizes you for your proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Experience Commerce™, and thus increasing your chances of being viewed as a potential match by recruiters.

Drum roll, please

The winner of Sitecore’s How you match challenge is Paul Corderoy. A big congratulations! We hope that this bundle of commerce training courses, worth $5100 (USD), brings you prosperity and takes your career to the next level. Wishing you all the best.

We are also excited to announce the two runners-up. Congratulations to Mathew Romstadt and Saurabh Sachdeva for winning the Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9.0 200: Essentials - eLearning course.

To the three winners, we’ll be contacting you directly via LinkedIn with instructions on how you can redeem your prizes.

Invest in yourself

There is a long list of developer courses that Sitecore offers. You can pick between in-class or virtual courses based on what fits your schedule, learning style, or the material you’re interested in. Coming July 2019, new courses for other products, like the latest version of Experience Platform™ (XP) and JavaScript Services (JSS), will be made available for you to learn from.

Make sure you sign up for Sitecore’s free Developer Trial Program to get full access to the entire product mix so you can start exploring Experience Commerce™ and much more. Members receive free eLearning courses and other developer-related material and announcements, like how you can take part in the next #LearnSitecore challenge.


Drop a comment for the types of challenges that you would like to see next and for any recommendations you have on how we can improve the #LearnSitecore movement.