Announcing the winner of Sitecore's "Leave it to the pros" challenge!

We'd like to thank all the new and returning players. Your participation in Sitecore’s Leave it to the pros challenge helped spread the #LearnSitecore word and raise awareness amongst JavaScript developers searching for career opportunities.

The submissions are in, and we have ourselves a winner!

Why JSS?

Businesses, more than ever, are investing in CX and the right implementation teams that will help them connect with consumers on whatever mediums they engage with (mobile, IoT, VR, AR). Sitecore Omni allows these next-generation JavaScript apps to render CMS-data dynamically, across any distribution channel.

JavaScript Services (JSS) provides a powerful SDK that enables JavaScript developers to enjoy the UI and libraries of their favorite frameworks (React, Angular and Vue) when building modern apps with placeholders for content and components, managed by Sitecore business-users. From a single interface, business-users curate content and arrange the layout of components for their mix of applications. Interaction data is shared across all apps and helps drive personalization rules that create more meaningful interactions for target audiences.

New Sitecore projects all have beyond the web aspirations. JS developers with an understanding of Sitecore, or vice versa, have better odds of being recruited to a development team and being compensated accordingly.

What you’ve won

The winning pair for Sitecore’s Leave it to the pros challenge are Joshua Conrad and Celia Tate. Congratulations Joshua Conrad for winning Sitecore® JSS Fundamentals 9.2 and to Celia Tate for winning Sitecore® Experience Solution Developer 9.1! These courses are designed to complement your JS and C# skillsets, respectively, and provide you with the resources you need to start your careers as Sitecore developers.

Runner-up prizes go to IP Godahenage and Shalini Fernando, and to Nasir Islam and Syed Arsalan Qamar. To the JS developers - Sitecore® JSS Fundamentals 9.2 and Sitecore® Platform Essentials for Developers 9.0 for the .NET halves. 

The three pairs of winners will be contacted directly via LinkedIn with instructions on how to redeem your prizes.

New or returning

Sitecore offers a free trial for both JS and .NET developers. These trials provide guided learning with full access to the software. In addition, all trial members get notified of future contests and other developer-related giveaways.

There are many training options to accommodate your learning style, schedule, and the material you're interested in. You can pick between the settings that work best for you and earn a formal certification to validate your Sitecore skills.

Drop a comment for the types of challenges that you would like to see next, and for any recommendations, you have on how we can improve the #LearnSitecore movement.