Lighthouse Demo and Community Docker Images – Now Available on Sitecore’s Public Container Registry (


Today, Sitecore’s Demo Team is proud to announce the availability of Community and Demo Docker images in the public Container Registry ( – see the full tag list on GitHub

Customers, partners and developers can now easily access additional community-contributed Sitecore images, including a the fully-functional demo (branded Lighthouse), filled with rich marketing features.

Community images

All Sitecore v10+ Windows images that can be built from the docker-images repo are now already stored in Now you can get a CM, CD, SQL image with SPE, SXA, JSS, etc. pre-installed. That means a simple docker-compose up will get you a Sitecore environment!

Also included are module asset images that are not yet officially provided by the Sitecore product team. Images such as Sitecore Publishing Service module, Data Exchange Framework modules, etc. are now published for easy consumption in your development environments.

Demo Images

Easy access to a fully-functional demo with very few prerequisites and very few steps:

  • Install Docker
  • Have a Sitecore license
  • Spin up the demo

For detailed steps on how to get started, refer to the file in the docs folder of the Platform demo GitHub repository.


GitHub repositories of note:

Docker Images repository - source for all images in the /community and /community/modules namespace of

Sitecore Demo Base - source for all images in the /demo/base namespace of

Sitecore.Demo.Platform - source for all images in the /demo and the Lighthouse demo source code

NOTE: All images in the demo and community namespaces are NOT supported by Sitecore and are for non-production training, experimentation, and demonstration scenarios only.

STAY TUNED for follow-up blog posts by the demo team covering demo functionality and other nuggets!