Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3 available for download!

You can now download Sitecore 9.3 from! Also now available is the installation module for the new Horizon editing interface.

My personal top 5 highlights of the release:

  1. Big performance improvements to xConnect, especially with regards to session-end tracking batches.
  2. Horizon - I'm not going to use it much in my day-to-day, but this is a huge step forward for our editing interface for the marketing professional
  3. No-captcha - The new addition to Sitecore Forms that let's you bot-detect using the platform bot-detection code instead of a Captcha field is pretty awesome. People don't like captcha, marketers don't like bots, this is a win-win!
  4. xDB split/merge of shards - redistribute data across a new number of shards, so necessary for ongoing management of data
  5. SIA wizard install of Solr - Thanks to Jeremy Davis' script Solr installation was a breeze, but having it in the wizard removes another prerequisite before install!


I was going to write an extensive blog post about ALL the new features and releases, but why not check out the details from these fine folk: