Announcing the winner of Sitecore's LinkedIn challenge - Developers that play together, stay together!

Thank you to all those who participated in Sitecore’s LinkedIn challenge – Developers that play together, stay together and helped spread the #LearnSitecore message. All your submissions are in and we have ourselves a winner.

Developers who play together stay together challenge. Man and woman in glasses working together at computer station.

.NET crowd are all invited

Job opportunities for Sitecore developers are on the incline. Firms from around the world continue to bid amongst themselves in hope to attract talent from those resources available. Through #LearnSitecore initiatives we hope to develop enough skills to fill these roles and keep you employed.

.NET developers that complement their craft with official Sitecore training and certifications increase their chances of getting approached by recruiters and being selected.

The Winners

The winning pair for Sitecore’s LinkedIn challenge – Developers that play together, stay together are Madhuri Adhikarla and Shareef U Din Bhat. Congratulations to the both of you for winning a four-day online instructor-led developer course! We hope that by working together you can push each other to get through training, the certification exam, and land prosperous jobs as Sitecore developers.

We are also proud to announce the two pairs of runner-ups. Congratulations to Hany Shehata and Wael Bassem Maher, and to Aldred Jay Donayre and Ryan Steve Juanir for winning the Sitecore® 9.0 Platform Essentials for Developers eLearning course. 

To the three pairs of winners, we’ll be contacting you each directly via LinkedIn with instructions on how you can redeem your prizes.  

Better luck next time

All .NET developers can sign up, for free, to the .NET Developer Trial and get full access to the software, community portals, free eLearning, and future notices on developer events and #LearnSitecore giveaways.

You can also attend user group conferences, all around the world, like SUGCON India, for career-advancing opportunities and great deals on workshops and the latest Sitecore certification exam.  


Drop a comment for the types of challenges that you would like to see next and for any recommendations you have on how we can improve the #LearnSitecore movement.