Sitecore Marketing Automation

Sitecore Marketing Automation features:  Automate repeated activities to free up time. Enroll and evaluate in session and in real time. Make decisions based on any data point, behavior or time. Perform visible and backstage marketing actions. True omnichannel orchestration


With the latest Sitecore 9 release, a completely new Marketing Automation tool is available for users to quickly plan and extend their automation activities with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Also, a new fully-scalable engine architecture is now available so that you can make sure to process new activities as quickly as you need to.

Getting Started

It’s helpful to get a quick tour of how to use the new interface and what activities are available out of the box. Our new Marketing Automation video series will get you positioned to understand how to create a new automation campaign and understand the marketing actions and listeners available in the platform.

Marketing Automation - What is it?

Wondering about what Sitecore Marketing Automation is? Senior Product Manager David Hughes walks through the new product and some of its features.