Ways to Learn Challenge

The resourceful developer

There are no two Sitecore implementations 100% alike. Each solution varies based on specific business requirements and strategies. Developers, beginners or experts, constantly face new scenarios that require new approaches and some outside-of-box-thinking. The ability to find and use available resources to take on tasks and overcome challenges is important for growth, productivity, and keeping up-to-speed with the newest technologies.

Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Sitecorehood.

Sitecore is home to one of the most passionate communities in the MarTech space. Their willingness to share and help is unmatched and one of Sitecore’s strongest value props. Developers can find enablement material for their toughest problems and on the latest features. Help can come in the form of videos, blogs, open-source repositories, documentation, eCourses, books, daily digests, podcasts, trials, user groups, etc.

We want to know the top 3 learning resources, in your opinion, that are the most useful to Sitecore developers. What learning resources should others be taking advantage of to elevate their skills, knowledge, and produce better solutions?

Your recommendations could lead community members to explore some uncharted places and spend more time on resources that have notably worked for you.

Share and win

Share 3 resources that have helped you, and that you think other Sitecore developers can learn from, for a chance to win one of ten Amazon Gift Cards worth $40 (USD).

Start a post on LinkedIn. Use the text:

Here is a list of resources that will help you #LearnSitecore:

  • Title of resource – URL
  • Title of resource – URL 
  • Title of resource – URL

People learn in different ways. Try to include a variation of learning forms in the 3 resources that you share.

I will get it started…

Once your post (with correct text and working URLs) is live on LinkedIn, you will automatically be enrolled in a random draw for a chance win one of ten cash prizes – just in time for the new year!

Your post must be submitted before December 14th, 2019, and only one post per person is required.

Let your fellow developers know, what learning resources you recommend? What’s on your list of bookmarks? What channels do want to keep seeing more from? Get in the Sitecore spirit by taking part in the Ways to Learn Challenge. Help developers know the top 3 must-use learning resources that will help take their projects to the next stage.

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UPDATE: The winners have been announced! Read the announcement blog.