Sitecore Commerce 8.0 Demo Now Available

To help our Sitecore Commerce partners, we're releasing the source to our Sitecore Commerce pb Commerce Server demo. The demo is a work in progress and we're hoping that partners will actively contribute and make it better.

The demo is based on the Commerce Reference Storefront (also available on GitHub) with an updated look and feel and a few scenarios that highlight the power of experience commerce. 

Specifically, these are:

  • Manage products the same way you do for site content
  • Integrated search experience with product based facets, configurable by a business user
  • Personalize and highlight products based on a customer's preferences
  • Personalize content based on anonymous browsing behaviour

Of course, you can also view product details, go through a checkout process and create and view product discounts. For a full list of demo features, see the repository's wiki for more details.

To use the demo source, you'll need to follow the installation instructions which includes specific versions of the necessary components. You'll also need to have a configured Commerce Server instance running in order to use the source code. We'll include Sitecore Packages to help with the install at a later date.

We encourage you to contribute to the demo. If you build something new, issue a pull request so others can take advantage of it. If you find an issue with the code, please file an issue with a bug label and it will get dealt with as time permits. Better yet, fix the bug and issue a pull request!

If you're looking for a feature to add, check our feature backlog and pick one. If you want to see a feature that isn't there, create an issue with a feature label and tell us what you'd like to see.

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Feature Backlog:


Update: Installer Package Now Provided

After some feedback, we've decided to offer an installation package of the necessary items and files to run the demo. You will still need a running installation of the core Commerce Server product and a running instance of the Reference Storefront. Updated installation documents and the zip package are available on the GitHub repository.

Update: Please note that this demo is for Sitecore Commerce 8.0, not the latest version of the product

  • Hi Kelly,  Thanks for the demo. Can you please explain  how to use the discount/promotions scenarios created for the demo? How can I import MarketingData.xml using the command line tool MarketingData.exe? Detail steps will be very helpful. Thanks!

  • You'll want to check the wiki on Github: There's a Discounts section.  The current PuP file in the demo source does not contain the discount information unfortunately, so you will need to create them yourself. If you create a simple discount targeted to one specific product, the UI will display the basket display text on the product detail page.   Instructions to use marketing/promotions are located in the .chm files on The Commerce Server Core Documentation Reference is under the Links section at this link:  Hope that helps.