28 Days of Sitecore Rocks: Advanced Navigation

Now that we have an idea of what Sitecore Rocks has to offer let's explore how to get to these features even quicker.


Similar to the "Navigate To..." function of Visual Studio, Commandy is a utility for finding functions in Sitecore Rocks.  You may have noticed Commandy when navigating using the context menus; it is the first menu item on each and every context menu.


Sitecore Rocks


You can either open Commandy using the context menus or by using the "Ctrl + Shift + Space” keyboard shortcut.  Once Commandy is open you will notice a long list of commands.


Sitecore Rocks


This list contains all of the available commands from the context menus flattened out in a searchable utility.


 Need to perform a "Publish Item and Subitems"?  Easy, simply start typing "publish" to filter the list of commands and select "Publish | Publish Item and Subitems".


Sitecore Rocks


That's it!  In just a couple of keystrokes we have performed a publish operation without ever leaving Visual Studio.


You might also notice the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of Commandy containing even more available options.


Sitecore Rocks


(Tip: I've found the search option to be a quick and easy way to locate items within Sitecore.)


Sitecore Rocks


Keyboard Shortcuts

When navigating Sitecore Rocks' context menus you may have also noticed that some of the menu items have keyboard shortcuts available.


Sitecore Rocks


If you are more inclined, like myself, to navigate Visual Studio using keyboard shortcuts you will be pleased.  When first starting out using Sitecore Rocks I would recommend relying heavily on Commandy until you start identifying which functions you use the most.  Once you know which commands you use the most, you can then start learning the keyboard shortcuts and maximize productivity.


  • Hi Trevor  Quick comment - the prefixes that you see in the drop menu are quick keys. So to search for "sample", you can type:  Ctrl+Space | s <space> sample  No need to use the mouse

  • Ha, this post above makes this blog even more valuable!   I revisited this blog today. i knew about the "drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of Commandy" but missed the point of it. This blog shows one additional use (Search). Together with Jakobs addition it makes even more sense! Thanks.  Oh and by the way: if you are wondering how to remember these letters:  they form the words: CLIENTS  or STENCIL  just put a W in front  in order to not forget the workflow commands ;)

  • This blog post series is still the best reference I know of for using Sitecore Rocks.  Thanks.