28 Days of Sitecore Rocks: Hidden Gems - Part 1

Over the past twenty-five days we have covered many of the major features of Sitecore Rocks, but there are also numerous minor features that can be real time savers.  Today we will be discussing three of these "hidden gem" features: Favorites, My Items, and Adding Multiple Items.


One of the little known hidden gems of Sitecore Rocks is Favorites.  If you are the type of person who works exclusively with the context menus then you will find favorites extremely valuable.  Favorites in Sitecore Rocks gives you the ability to mark a menu item and have it display at the very top of the context menu even if it's buried in a sub menu.  To make a menu item a favorite, hold down the ctrl + shift keys and right click an item to open the context menu.  What you should see is the context menu with gray stars next to the menu items.


Sitecore Rocks


Clicking one of the gray stars will mark the menu item as a favorite and bring it to the top of the menu next time you open it normally.  This can be a real time saver for items that are frequently accessed and are in sub menus.


Sitecore Rocks


My Items

The My Items section of the Sitecore Rocks tree may not be hidden, but can be useful nonetheless.  The My Items section can show which items we have locked and which items we own.


Sitecore Rocks


Adding Multiple Items

Ever wish there was a way to create multiple items of the same template?  Maybe you need to test the functionality of a paging control and the thought of creating a block of items doesn't sound like the best use of your time?  Luckily for us Sitecore Rocks can help.  To create multiple items, right click the location where we would like to create the items and under the "Add" menu, click "New Item" instead of the insert option.


Sitecore Rocks


This will open the Add New Item dialog where we can select the template of the new item we want to create.  To create multiple items, enter the number of items you would like to create in the textbox down in the far left hand corner and click the add button.  This will add a line for an item name for each item to be created.


Sitecore Rocks


After clicking "OK" the multiple items will be created with the item names specified!


The Favorites, My Items and Adding Multiple Items are a few of the lesser known features of Sitecore Rocks but they still provide great value to developers.  These "hidden gems" will hopefully come in handy for you as they have for me!


Only two more features to cover, don’t fall behind now!