28 Days of Sitecore Rocks: Manage - Part 4

Today we will be covering two more interfaces in the Sitecore Rocks Manage tool, Indexes and Statistics.  Both of these interfaces are extremely helpful during development and later when performance testing.  Let's dive in and see what these tools have to offer!

If we don't already have the Manage tool open, right click the Sitecore instance, in this case the Jetstream node, in the Sitecore Explorer and select the "Manage" menu item.


Sitecore Rocks


With the Indexes interface open you will see a listing of the indexes on the current instance.  In this case you will see that we have two indexes configured, "advanced" and "system."  The "advanced" index is specific to this implementation but the "system" index is configured out of the box and is used by Sitecore for searching.


We can rebuild the index by right clicking an index and selecting "Rebuild Index."


Sitecore Rocks


When you select an index, the Fields, Documents and Search tabs are populated with data from the selected index.  The Fields tab displays all the fields in the index and the number of unique terms associated with each field.  You can get more information on the terms by right clicking a field to open the context menu and selecting "Explore Terms."  This will list out the terms and the number of documents in the index that are associated with that term.


Sitecore Rocks


The Documents tab displays the documents in the index based on order found in the index.  You can cycle through the documents in the index or skip to a location by entering the number.  The results show the location in Sitecore, group, and item name for the selected document.


Sitecore Rocks


The last tab is the Search tab and can be used to find documents in the index based on a query.  Simply enter the field name to search on, search term and select a query type.  In the query results you can locate the item in Sitecore by right clicking a document and selecting "Locate in Sitecore."


Sitecore Rocks


The Statistics interface is another very helpful tool for investigating performance issues.  This interface is in essence the Sitecore Stats page.  They contain the same columns of information as the stats page.


  • Name
  • Site
  • Render Count
  • Used Cache
  • Average Time
  • Average Items
  • Max Time
  • Max Items
  • Total Time
  • Total Items
  • Last Rendered


Sitecore Rocks


The advantage of using the Sitecore Rocks Statistics interface over the stats page is that we never need to leave Visual Studio to view the statistics information.


The Indexes and Statistics interfaces of the Sitecore Rocks Manage tool, as we've seen, are valuable tools when developing a Sitecore website and when performance tuning.  Using these tools in conjunction with Sitecore best practices can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your implementation.


Stay tuned for more Sitecore Rocks features tomorrow!