28 Days of Sitecore Rocks: Media Library

In today's edition of the 28 Days of Sitecore Rocks we will be discussing the Media Library.  Ever try to find an item in the Sitecore Media Library, particularly if you didn't create the item?  Not the easiest task in Sitecore especially if the Media Library has a large number of items.  Thankfully Sitecore Rocks can help!  Let's find out how the Sitecore Rocks Media Library can help locate and create new items.

To open the Media Library, right-click anywhere in the Sitecore Explorer, navigate under the Tools menu and click the Media Library item.


Sitecore Rocks


Now that we have the Media Library open you will notice the interface is quite different from the web interface.  Similar to Sitecore Item Buckets, the Sitecore Rocks interface for the Media Library takes the hierarchical structure of Media Library and flattens it.  To locate items in the Media Library we use a combination of searching and filtering.  To search on the items in the media library, first select which fields you would like to search on.


The options are:


  • Any Searchable Field
  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Alt Text


Once we have narrowed down which fields to search on we simply need to enter a search term and click "Go."


Sitecore Rocks


Now that we have a result set to work with, we can further refine our results by filtering.  Click the "Filters" button to reveal the filterable attributes.


We can filter on the following attributes:


  • Template
  • Author
  • Path
  • Updated


Sitecore Rocks


Another great feature in the Sitecore Rocks Media Library is the ability to drag and drop files.  To upload a new file into the Media Library, drag it from your local Windows Explorer and drop it directly into the center of the Media Library.  The one item to note is that when using drag and drop, the file will be created in the Sitecore Media Library under "Images/Uploaded."


Sitecore Rocks


From here we can drag it to a new location in the Media Library tree.


As we have seen in this edition of the 28 Days of Sitecore Rocks, the Media Library in Sitecore Rocks can help locate items using searching and filtering.  The Sitecore Media Library can also help create media items with drag and drop.


We’re halfway there! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Sitecore Rocks features.