28 Days of Sitecore Rocks: Package Creation

Creating Sitecore packages is a task that all seasoned Sitecore developers are familiar with.  Unfortunately we are also familiar with how easy it is to forget an item or a file required for a feature to work correctly.  Today we will be discussing how Sitecore Rocks can simplify and streamline the package creation process.

To start the process of creating a Sitecore package let's start by right clicking a Sitecore item that we want to include in a package.  In the context menu navigate under the "Tools" menu and select "Create Package."


Sitecore Rocks Package Creation


This will open the Sitecore Rocks package creation tool.  You will notice that there are three tabs: "Information”, "Items", and "Files."


Let's start with the Information tab.  If you are familiar with creating packages in the Sitecore web interface then these are fields you have worked with in the past.  If you haven't worked with Sitecore packages before, these fields are meta data associated with the package.


Sitecore Rocks Package Creation


The “Items” tab is where we specify which Sitecore items are to be added to the package.  I started creating this package by right clicking on the "Terms and Conditions" item in the content tree which is why we already have an item pre-populated in this package.  To add more items to the package simply drag and drop them from the Sitecore Explorer into the package.


Sitecore Rocks Package Creation


Where do we specify to add subitems you ask?  Right click the item in the package to open the context menu.  Here is where we specify to add the subitems of a particular item.  You might also notice the "Add Dependencies" option in the context menu.  Similar to the "Publish Item with Dependencies,” this option will include all the dependant Sitecore items needed to deploy.  An extremely helpful feature!


Sitecore Rocks Package Creation


The last tab is the "Files" tab.  As the name suggests, this is where we add the files to be included in the package.  To add files to the package simply drag and drop them from the Sitecore Explorer to the package.


Sitecore Rocks Package Creation


Now that we have added our Sitecore items and files to a package we can build the package to receive its zip file.  Clicking on the "Build Package" button at the top of the package will generate the zip file to be installed on another Sitecore instance.


As we've seen, using Sitecore Rocks to create packages can help simplify the package creation process all from within Visual Studio. 


In tomorrow's edition of the 28 Days of Sitecore Rocks we will be tackling package management.



  • Being able to add dependencies is a life saver!    I've found that especially when upgrading a site in a staging environment that a client may continue to be adding content to on production, there comes a time when we want to install any items the client may have updated or changed.  In the web version, you can add items dynamically and then set dates for last modified and/or last created.  It is still a little clunky.    Does sitecore rocks provide the ability to add items dynamically or maybe expand upon that functionality?  Also, how about adding users and roles?

  • FYI. There is an alternative tool that can be used even on live production:

  • Hello,  I am using Sitecore 7.4 and I have a different tab when i right click on an item that i want to create a package for. It basically gives me the following functionalities: Insert, Search, Duplicate, Delete, rename, Copying, Sorting and refresh

  • Dear Leandre, you seem to live in a parallel universe where 7.4 exists, but in mine there are only 7.2 and 7.5 without anything in the middle.