28 Days of Sitecore Rocks: Plugin Repository

On the final day of the 28 Days of Sitecore Rocks we will be covering the Plugin Repository.  Similar to the extensibility of the Sitecore CMS, Sitecore Rocks can also be extended to great lengths.  Didn't find a piece of functionality you expected to see in Sitecore Rocks?  The first place to look is the Sitecore Rocks Plugin Repository.

To open the Plugin Repository, click the "Sitecore" menu item in the menu bar and click the "Plugin Repository."


Sitecore Rocks


The Plugin Repository interface is simple and straightforward.  The plugins are grouped by category and each plugin provides a title, description, developer, version and number of downloads as well as a button to install the plugin.  We also have the option to search the repository if that is your preferred method of navigation.


Sitecore Rocks


The plugins are also available from the Sitecore Rocks website on the plugins page.


Clicking the install button will start the plugin installation process which is typically fairly quick.  Depending on the type of plugin being installed you may need to update the Sitecore Rocks server components to enable the plugin's functionality.


Once we have installed a number of plugins, we can manage the collection of installed plugins using the Installed Plugins tool.  Using the Installed Plugins tool we can get information about uninstall and update currently installed plugins.


Sitecore Rocks


The Sitecore Rocks Plugin Repository is a great tool to extend the functionality of Sitecore Rocks.  I highly recommend at very least having a look at the available plugins to see if there is anything of interest.


This concludes the 28 Days of Sitecore Rocks!  Hopefully over the past 28 days we have learned how Sitecore Rocks can dramatically improve Sitecore development, and all from within Visual Studio.


If there are any other Sitecore Rocks topics you would like more information about, or that I didn't cover, leave a comment below.
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  • Excellent information!  I very much appreciate the time you have taken to get us Sitecore developers up to speed with this amazing extension to Visual Studio.  I will working in it extensively moving forward and super excited about the productivity to follow armed with my new found knowledge.

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